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From single-function MVPs to consumer applications serving global brands like McDonald’s, and enterprise-grade systems for Fortune 500 companies, Itexus is the go-to partner for full-cycle mobile application development services, including prototyping, UX/UI design, programming, cloud deployment, testing and support.

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After delivering 220+ successful projects, Itexus is a mobile app development company where specialists know how to tie every piece of work, be it backend, frontend or design, to your business goals, and help you succeed in any environment.

By understanding your vision, constraints, existing assets, and delivering the core functionality needed for the release, we shave weeks or months off the project timeline - and the budget. Plus, with expertise in novel technologies, like AI, ML and AR, we will implement innovative mobile solutions way before your competitors do the same.

Custom-built Mobile Apps for Your Business

Are you searching for turnkey mobile solution development or a remote team to amplify your in-house specialists? Do you need a stand-alone service or full-cycle mobile app development? With 90+ developers, testers, designers, project managers and BA specialists on board, we cover the complete life cycle of mobile app development, from simple mobile apps to complex domain-specific enterprise solutions for Fintech and Healthcare.

Fintech Mobile Apps

Experts in financial services, we provide you with industry-specific mobile applications handling financial transactions, tracking and optimizing expenses, visualizing and matching data from various financial data aggregators with dynamic charts and graphs optimized for smartphone usage.

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mHealth & Lifestyle Apps

Our portfolio features HIPAA-compliant apps, synced with medical and exercise equipment, enabling HL7 FHIR-based health data exchange, processing and visualization, real-time patient monitoring, emergency notification, and personalised training.

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mCommerce Solutions

Our B2C mobile applications feature top-notch user experience and sleek design. Our mobile app developers integrate popular payment gateways, like Stripe, Braintree and others, empower contactless payments, develop smart recommendation systems, and implement tools for personalised customer service, in compliance with security protocols and industry's best practices.

Mobile BI

Willing to get more control over day-to-day business activities, gain valuable insights and receive real-time sales, revenue and customer data? Our mobile app development agency implements Business Intelligence tools, reports and dashboards, into smartphones, tablets and wearables, to ensure that you keep track of business-critical missions on the go.

Videostreaming & Conferencing Applications

Our mobile app development company has hands-on experience in delivering video content both for business and entertainment, with second screen apps, video messaging solutions, and mobile platforms for video capturing, processing and delivery.

EdTech & mLearning Solutions

From attendance tracking to personalised approach and built-in gamification features, we will help you leverage a worldwide trend towards online education and 24/7 access to learning materials.

AR Mobile Apps Development

Itexus expertise spans Augmented Reality SDKs like ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia, to ensure top-notch object, image and motion tracking, image overlay, face morphing functionality, and real-time editing with custom filters.

Dating Mobile Apps & Chats

From AI chatbots, integrated into a mobile application, to full-fledged dating apps with secure message exchange, intelligent matching, data encryption, and an intuitive interface, our mobile app developers ensure smooth communication between your end-users.

Location-aware & Tracking Mobile Apps

Whether you want to broaden your marketing activities with new possibilities, introduce contactless payments or improve the inventory system with BLE tags, you can tap into our expertise in RFID, beacons, geo-fencing and other location-based technologies.

Order Management & Appointment Booking Applications

We equip mobile apps with real-time visibility reports, inventory management tools, sales order scheduling and delivery, to provide a 360 degree view over the entire fulfilment process, whether you are an eCommerce retailer or a traditional brick-and-mortar business.

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Full-cycle Mobile Application Development Services

Ideation & Thorough Requirements Analysis

If you have a clear project strategy, with a detailed backlog and a defined feature set, our mobile app development company gets down to work right away. If you have just an idea, at the Discovery Phase we help define the unique value proposition of your product, flesh out your ideas into the requirements and architecture documentation, determine project feasibility, and perform customer validation.

UX/UI Mobile Best Practices

To keep users engaged and satisfied, we start with user interface mapping, figuring out how to achieve the project’s business objectives with optimised user experience. Our mobile designers work in tandem with your team to align the project’s visual direction and aesthetic, in full compliance with Apple Human Interface and Google Material Design guidelines, as well as industry's best practices.

Rapid Wireframing, Prototyping, MVP development

Time-to-market delivery is crucial. In order to accelerate your product launch, battle-test your idea in real-life conditions and adapt it to the market, we use Agile/Scrum methodology to ship an early MVPs fast and then iterate quickly to incorporate the user feedback and improve the app with every next version using strict version control and constant quality audit.

Backend Development for Mobile Apps

Modern complex mobile applications require quite advanced backend functionality to process data, integrate with third party systems, exchange information and handle millions of users. Itexus cloud solution architect team will create a robust, scalable and secure backend infrastructure for your product to deliver lightning-fast, feature-rich, interconnected mobile application.

App Store & Google Play Compliance

Itexus mobile app developers assist with getting a product properly certified, including the creation of promotional materials like screens, video guides, and optimized description of the application, to arrange market deployment in any major app store and boost app visibility.

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Development Services for Every Platform: Android, iOS, Cross-Platform

iOS Application Development

iOS Application Development

Itexus iOS app developers deliver solutions for the entire Apple product range, including iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and Apple TV apps, following Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and best practices using XCode and Swift programming language.

Android App Development Services

Android App Development Services

To support a growing device park of Android-based devices and reach out to 2.5 billion users, our android app developers leverage our expertise in Kotlin and Java, as well as specific Android development tools, to deliver secure apps, featuring fault-free performance and impeccable interface.

Cross-platform Apps

Cross-platform Apps

Write once run everywhere! Our mobile engineers are well versed in Flutter and Xamarin for rapid implementation of the cross-platform mobile apps that preserve a native look and feel on the major mobile platforms, while keeping a single codebase and cutting down app development time and costs.

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You Can Trust Our Mobile Development Expertise

Minimum Resource Consumption

Minimum Resource Consumption

Our mobile application development company delivers blazing-fast applications, which handle a maximum number of connections with lightning-fast response time, while avoiding server overloads and heavy battery drain. Apart from a neatly designed application code and the Application Dependency Mapping (ADM) as prerequisites, Itexus iOS & Android developers use, among others, lightweight mobile frontend libraries, optimised CPU usage, sufficient memory allocation, and appropriate compression standards.

Feature-packed Mobile Apps

Feature-packed Mobile Apps

For a wide range of features, our mobile apps company applies the capacities both in backend development and system integration to connect your application to a world of API-based services to allow secure payments, data exchange, seamless authentication and KYC, social media sharing and many more, to build interconnected mobile applications that tomorrow’s users will need.



Focusing on the app’s growth-oriented structure right from the start is one of the Itexus core principles. We leverage latest cloud technologies to handle large volumes of simultaneous data requests and backend computations, provide automatic horizontal scalability, load balancing, portability, containerization and security. Read more about our approach to Cloud and DevOps services.



At Itexus, we don’t start thinking about security once the development is over, but apply a zero-trust approach from day one. We include app’s security considerations into our architecture to protect a mobile app from tampering, reverse engineering, app hacking and other attacks, and deliver solutions in full compliance with industry-specific requirements: PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, GDPR, FedRAMP, NYDFS regulations, and others.

Cutting-edge Techs

Cutting-edge Techs

Mobile development services have been one of our priority directions since 2013, but we do much more than this. From developing innovative mobile apps to revamping existing mobile products with emerging technologies, we always offer forward-thinking solutions to our clients.

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